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Press Releases Reports Five Years of Progress to Stop Junk Mail
A Healthier Environment and Healthier Homes


Green Gift Idea – Stop Junk Mail with!
Protect Your Mailbox, the Trees and Your Holiday Spirit


On Earth Day: Stop Junk Mail and Keep Trees in the Forests Keeps Trees at Work Protecting a Healthy Climate


On Earth Day: Keep The Trees In The Forest
Environmental Group Stops Household Junk Mail

Green Gift Idea – Stop Junk Mail with!(PDF)
11/20/2008 Fundraising Program Raises $130,000 for Environmental and Community Groups
Nonprofit Service Stops Household Junk Mail and Donates More than 1/3 of Revenue


On Earth Day: Clear Your Clutter, Not the Forests
Stop Your Junk Mail with and Let the Earth Keep the Trees


Lose 41 Pounds in 5 Minutes — Stop Junk Mail with!
New Year’s Resolution Lasts 5 Years While You Relax and Enjoy

Green Gift Idea – Stop Junk Mail with!(PDF)
10/19/2007 and Announce Partnership to Stop Junk Mail(PDF)

Give Your Mom the Gift of Time — Stop Her Junk Mail
She Spends About 70 Hours a Year Dealing with Junk Mail!

Earth Day Rx: Slow Global Warming by Stopping Junk Mail
Junk Mail Consumes More Energy Than 2.8 Million Cars


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Stopping junk mail benefits the environment by greatly reducing deforestation and the consumption of other resources used to produce junk mail - reducing global warming