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Earth Day For The Kids

There are obviously many things that we as adults can do to contribute to Earth Day, but what about teaching our kids the importance of April 22nd. Let me run through a few quick examples of what you can do.

Arts and Crafts: There are many things you can make with recycled products that your kids will love. The link below has numerous activities that can keep you going for hours!

Earth Day Computer Games: I know, I hate seeing kids inside all day, watch TV and playing video games. But if you do allow them to get some computer time, why not show them the following Earth Day webpages. They can be fun and teach them the importance of recycling, planting trees and many other activities. The two links below will help you get started.

Earth Day Books: There are tons of children’s books that are specific to Earth Day! Click on the link below to find a few of them.

I have listed a lot of links to help teach children the importance of Earth Day. We want to thank those websites for doing such a nice job. Stay green my friends.

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