What are people saying about 41Pounds.org?

41Pounds.org does exactly what they say they are going to do and that’s eliminate 90% of my junk mail. It just works; and that’s the best endorsement I can give. K. Pasternak — Carlsbad, California

Thank you so much for your service. I used to go to the mailbox and walk immediately to the kitchen garbage pail to discard almost everything I had received. A lot of days every single piece of mail went straight to the trash. Now there is very little to throw away. And it feels great. Good luck to you and your company. D. Regan — Clarkston, Michigan

I signed up for your services sometime in the last couple years and am AMAZED by the results. My husband and I have realized that between us, we get maybe 6 pieces of mail a week. Amy R. — Lyons, Colorado

My football team used 41Pounds.org as a fundraiser and it was a great decision. It was really easy for our kids to sell and a unique way to raise money. J. Zielinski — New Haven, Michigan

41Pounds.org eliminated my junk mail to nearly nothing. No more shredding personal information like credit card applications and a lot less trash. It was worth every penny. K. Koliba — Macomb, Michigan

I signed my parents up for this service for security reasons and after seeing a significant reduction in their direct mail I happily added my name to the list of satisfied customers. C. Asmus — Rochester, Michigan